8 Tiny Home Storage Ideas

8 Tiny Home Storage Ideas
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In a tiny home, having a well-thought-out storage and organization strategy is crucial. In order to help you organize your own home, read on for some creative storage solutions for small homes that you might not have thought of.

Keep in mind that changing your mindset is just as important as coming up with brilliant storage ideas. Comfortably living in a tiny home can be too frustrating if you don’t significantly change how you feel about your possessions.

Take an honest look at your possessions and buying habits

In a consumer-driven society, it may feel normal to acquire stuff, but after six months, you’ll find that almost 80% of what you buy is never used. 

If you’re struggling with this, you might consider doing a no-spend challenge for a month. It can be a truly beneficial practice. 

Don’t bring things into your home

Prior to organizing, decluttering is necessary, and stopping the purchase of new items is necessary before you declutter. It’s truly that simple: you’ll never be organized if you keep bringing new stuff into your tiny house, no matter how tidy it is.

Declutter first, then organize what remains

When a space is cluttered, people commonly try to organize their possessions. But, you should only organize what remains after you’ve reduced your possessions. Too frequently, decluttering only clears away a lot of clutter without addressing the problem that we already have; too much stuff!

Small space storage ideas

Consider the items you need to store, the location you want them in, and how frequently you’ll need to access them. As a general guideline, store objects you use frequently close to where you’ll need them most.

1. Stair storage

8 Tiny Home Storage Ideas
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Your tiny home’s stairs are a good location to cram lots of storage. Stairs are lovely, but they take up a lot of space. If you opt for stairs instead of a ladder to reach your loft, a great option to use this space is to create stairs with integrated storage.

2. Underfloor storage

8 Tiny Home Storage Ideas
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If you leverage the space under your floor, you may be able to add a ton of extra storage. A floor storage system allows you to store tall or long items that wouldn’t fit in a typical cabinet. 

You can store items such as skis, fishing poles, snowboards, brooms, ironing boards, and other items in these out-of-the-way areas that you don’t use frequently. 

Large hatches or roll-out under-the-floor storage drawers can be used to access these areas, making it easier to reach the contents.

3. Use both sides of shelving

8 Tiny Home Storage
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When you look at a shelf, do you consider what you can fit beneath it as well as what you can put on it? Although it is simple to think of a plank of wood as a single surface, every plank of wood actually has two surfaces—a top and a bottom. 

Screw the lids of jars to the bottom of the shelf, to make the most of your kitchen’s storage space.

4. Tiny home bench seat storage ideas

Bench seats are a terrific way to maximize space and cram a lot of storage into your compact house. It’s helpful to have a kitchen table with a built-in bench seat that can be opened for storage if you need to keep things around that you don’t use very frequently. 

Depending on its size, longer things like brooms, skis, snowboards, mops, fishing poles, etc. could be stored here as well.

5. Pull-out countertops and fold-down tables

Tiny Home Storage Ideas
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Need a little extra surface area in a tiny kitchen or workspace? Consider a desk that tucks away when not in use or a kitchen table that’s made to fold flat. The best furniture for making the most of your space is tables and desks that fold up.

6. Clear the decks with wall storage

8 Tiny Home Ideas
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Everything in your home should have a place. If you discover items piled up on tables and countertops, it’s most likely because they don’t have a place, they can call home. Wall storage is one option you can use to give everything a place to live.

7. Make a landing pad

A landing pad is a place inside your door where you can keep items like your jacket, wallet, keys, and mail. Most of us don’t have a specific place to put these objects, so this is an excellent approach to managing frequently lost items.

8. Organize your tiny home with storage walls or partitions

Finally, consider adding a storage wall.

A storage wall can be a terrific way to provide more space for storage while also serving as a divider between rooms or a standalone accent piece.

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