8 Ideas to Renovate Your Luxury Home with Designer Furniture

8 Ideas to Renovate Your Luxury Home with Designer Furniture

If you are searching for luxury home furniture ideas, this post on designer furniture is for you. But before we get into it, let us talk a little bit about fashion. Ever had that gorgeous outfit: delicate cashmere top, perfectly seemed pants, and complementing detailed glasses? But still, you look at that outfit and you feel it is missing that “wow” factor. You head to your closet and there you have it! A row filled with designer shoes and bags. You choose the pair, drop it on, and BAM! The perfect outfit. Designer bags and shoes always hit differently. The same applies to interiors. Adding that designer furniture element never fails, so let us get straight into it! Here are 8 ideas to renovate your luxury home with designer furniture

Find your luxury style and work around it

Just like luxury fashion, luxury interiors can mean different things to different people. Are you a fan of modern minimalistic forms with straight lines and elegant details? Or do you prefer bold luxury with gold and shiny details? Your home will always be a representation of who you are. So, before you start your luxury brands research, take a moment to identify what style you lean towards. Close your eyes, and imagine your luxurious salon, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. What do you see? Once you have that vision, save it, and jump to the next idea.  

Chose luxury furniture brands that suit your vision

Now that you have your vision, you can start looking up brands that match it. If you already know which brands inspire you, choose the key pieces from them. For instance, if you like Italian craftsmanship, take a picture of that sofa you liked and pin it to your mood board so you can work the rest of the elements around it. No matter where you live, look for furniture fairs that are happening in your area. Luxury furniture brands participate in these, and you can surely find your match. In case you prefer to do your research online, head to architecture and design product websites to choose your furniture. Gather all your inspiration pictures in one folder.   

Consider re-upholstery with designer fabrics and layering

Perhaps you have one armchair that you do not want to get rid of, or maybe a sofa that is too comfy to just give up? You do not have to worry, because of that magical option of reupholstery. Head to the furniture fabrics store near you and ask for designer fabrics. You will be surprised by all the options and the beauty of the newest collections. Add glitz with silk and velvet fabrics and play with patterns and textures to create a luxurious yet cozy look.

Tile like you mean it

Just like re-upholstery, you can re-tyle your bathroom floors and walls. Working with tiles is as fun as working with fabrics since you can mix and match different patterns and colors. For instance, in your shower area, make the shower wall a plain tile and the wall next to it a mural tile. If you prefer a simpler look, keep all the walls plain but add a middle mosaic stripe.

Let there be light

Your mood is never complete without the right lighting. Look for wall and ceiling lights that match your intended mood. Our best recommendation is to add hidden and dimmable lights on the ceiling, this way you can control how much light you want depending on the occasion.

Get an expert’s opinion and Guidance

We recommend taking a professional’s opinion if you are confused by all the options. Hiring the right interior designer will save you time and effort as they deal with these types of renovation projects daily. Not to forget that all branded furniture stores have special “Interior Designer” discounts that your designer can extend to you. Interior designers will plan out the entire process for you, from concept design, mood boards & material boards, to layouts & furniture selection. Additionally, your designer can provide 3D visuals and thus you will see what your space will look like before it is executed.

Source wisely

With the interior designer, you can choose two routes: design consultation or design build.

If you chose design only, then you will need to hire a contractor to do all the work for you. Before you hire any contractor, make sure you check out their previous executed works so you can evaluate their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Additionally, discuss the timeline with them so you do not face severe delays. In case you chose the design and build route, then your interior designer will handle this part for you and thus your communication will remain with the same party.

All eyes lead to ART 

Finally, invest in art pieces. Just like high-end furniture and fashion, art pieces are not only beautiful, but their value increases over time. All art pieces have a story, so they are great conversation starters, additionally, they are the center of attention in every space.

The luxury world is so tempting; no matter how much you spend, you will always want more. Your interiors reflect your style so make sure you select your designer furniture as eloquently as you select your designer shoes and bags. Remember to keep it classy, and let your home reflect the authentic you in every décor or furniture piece that you choose.

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