How to Hire a House Manager

No matter the size, maintaining a home is a lot of work! Having a partner, children, and pets can make it feel nearly impossible to keep up with everything. Having access to the finer things in life, such as swimming pools, beach houses, and boats, also comes with greater maintenance obligations.

Home operating costs and time demands can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. That’s why the most successful among us are looking to house and estate managers to take the pressure off rather than juggling the pressure of house management with the regular demands of work.

It is true that maintaining a household can seem like a full-time job. You might need a household manager if you’re spending too much time managing a household and juggling projects instead of relaxing at home and building relationships with your loved ones. 

If you have multiple homes or you have a very busy schedule as it relates to work and you don’t have time to manage your home you actually can hire a house manager to help.

Types of house managers

Complete home manager

Now house managers come in a lot of different flavors; you can secure a complete house manager and they will manage everything about your home from doing a home inventory to management of your schedule.

What they do

They’ll schedule contractors, they’ll schedule project people, they’ll schedule designers, they’ll manage multiple homes in various locations…they’ll even travel for you.

To make sure they’re managing all this you will have to pay those travel expenses most likely, but they will do that. So for those people who are in a position to hire a house manager, and who really prioritize their time in some other areas, this kind of help can be very beneficial.

However there are other types of house management capabilities that you can hire out and you don’t have to retain them long term.

Maintenance contractor/provider

A maintenance contractor or a concierge maintenance provider can help you manage your home. 

What they do

You can engage their services either monthly, or quarterly, and that way they aren’t in your home every day but they’re actually working with you on quarterly maintenance activities.

They can take care of a lot of that responsibility mostly because they have the experience because they happen to be a contractor but also because they have a network of other providers and other contractors that they can engage with to provide these services.

This also ensures that you actually get your maintenance tasks done and this is also very valuable.

Inventory management provider

The other concept that you have from a house management perspective it isn’t full on house management, however it is inventory management. 

What they do

Whether you’re doing an inventory and it’s closer to the end of your life, the beginning of your life, or somewhere in the middle and you want to document everything that you own an inventory management provider can help.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to do this; it could be that they are estate planning, it could be that they just want to know what they own, or it could be that they are in risk prone areas of the country.  

Some professional organizers or move managers also provide these services; they come into your home and they actually document all the contents in your home. You can even ask them to document all the equipment and all the finishes and fixtures in your home if you really want that as well.

If you’re one of those people who really need help this is a great solution.

Do I need a full time house manager?

As noted above, a house manager is an expert who can help you get things done, and their roles can vary greatly. Think about your home and what it takes to manage it. 

Do your pets need a trip to the vet? Your house manager can do that for you. Need to winterize your boat? They can manage that too. Planning a vacation abroad? Your house manager will make sure things run smoothly while you’re gone.

You can enjoy your home and your time with the people who make it a place to call home because a house manager will take care of the necessary tasks you can’t find the time for.

Household managers manage every aspect of your home, including daily task lists and upkeep and maintenance. If you have them, a house manager will manage other household employees, such as your nanny or housekeeper, giving them tasks and assisting in their professional development. 

From small jobs like grocery shopping and dry cleaning to big ones like outfitting your second home with lovely fixtures and your favorite linens, they make sure everything is taken care of exactly the way you like it. 

These individuals possess excellent communication skills and the capacity to manage multiple projects at once. Their objective is to simplify life for today’s busy families, particularly with regard to domestic life.

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