Creative Ways to Gain Instant Curb Appeal

Creative Ways To Gain Instant Curb Appeal

It’s so much fun redesigning the house, but an essential part of remodeling is enhancing your curb appeal. You’ve looked high and low too long for additional creative ways to gain instant curb appeal. Luckily, we have a great list of ideas here.

Spend Time Tending the Landscape

The landscape is a vital part of a home, so you must keep it in good shape. You can design a new garden, plant some herbs, and even add potted plants around the entryway. Of course, you also need to take care of the lawn in the meantime.

The lawn is what onlookers focus on first. After viewing it, they move their eyes to other parts of the yard to get a better impression of the home. Potential homebuyers will move on to something better if your lawn doesn’t look nice.

So start taking care of the landscape by following these steps:

  1. Use an eco-friendly lawn fertilizer to improve grass growth.
  2. Water the yard longer, but only do it once every week or two.
  3. When you water less but still have a buildup of water from past rainstorms, it’s a good idea to aerate the lawn. Aerating drains the soil to make way for better nutrient absorption.

Think About Adding New Lighting

Two things happen with lighting: it either shows off the best focal points or droops downward, casting unattractive shadows. You want to steer clear of unwanted silhouettes, so start thinking about what new lighting styles you’d like.

The best choice right now is uplighting. Uplighting consists of flood lights mounted below the windows. The lights’ direction eliminates the droopiness of overhead lighting and makes the roof appear taller. Instead of dotting the walkways with landscape lighting, add uplighting.

Update the Panes With Window Boxes

If you don’t want to spend too much time deciding on a new window style, try dressing the panes down with window boxes. These boxes add a classic touch and are simple and easy to assemble. The best part is that you can place artificial or real plants, a trellis set, seashells, or succulents in them.

These window boxes are entirely customizable and transition easily with every passing season and holiday. Decorate your home with one of the most creative ways to gain instant curb appeal.

Hit Refresh on Your Siding

An incredible investment homeowners can make right now is refreshing their siding. Whether you repaint or add new materials, your home will look better. Adding beautiful siding can improve your home’s curb appeal considerably when you’re revamping it.

Switch the color palette with brighter hues, or go for a timeless look with vinyl or shiplap cladding. Any touches you make can create an even better first impression on potential buyers. So get creative with your next project to boost street appeal.

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