7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Cans

In the morning, nothing beats a cup of coffee. Of course, once the coffee is gone and the can is empty, it might seem like a waste to just toss it. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to. At least not every time!

For example, did you even know that a coffee can could be used to bake bread? How about making stilts out of those cans like we used to do as kids? Or perhaps you would rather organize and store things with your empty coffee cans. 

Keep reading for XX ideas to repurpose those used coffee cans and keep just a little less trash from finding its way to the landfill!

1. Coffee can bread pan

Those used metal coffee cans make excellent bread baking pans. These also make wonderful presents. Simply bake the bread inside the can, then decorate it a little after it has cooled. Although you obviously can’t do this with plastic coffee containers, baking bread is a great way to reuse an empty tin coffee can if that’s how you buy your coffee.

2. DIY Ombre Vase

You can make these lovely Ombre vases out of your used coffee cans with just a little craft paint and some time. You could use plastic or metal cans for this; if you choose to use plastic, make sure you use enough paint to completely cover the color. These easy-to-make ombre vases are great for Mother’s Day and only require a few minutes each. Making your wedding day centerpieces this way would be a great way to stay within your budget.

3. Coffee cans with decorative burlap covers 

Why not use those empty coffee cans as decor if you have no other ideas for them? While this example uses Valentine’s Day (and vegetable tins), you could use coffee tins and do this for any occasion, or even for regular home decor. Simply wrap the cans in burlap and then decorate as you please. 

You could make something with pinecones for the holidays or use sunflowers for the summer. When you’re done, you could even use these as tiny metal gift bags.

4. Wine Rack 

7 Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Cans
Source: Brit

How awesome is this wine rack you can create out of used coffee cans? Seriously, this invention is brilliant and relatively simple to construct. 

It basically involves taking off the can’s bottom, painting the inside and outside with spray paint, and then gluing everything together. You could design a wine rack in any size you like and in any color that complements your current decor.

5. Used coffee cans as luminaries 

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Cans
Source: Aunt Annie

Metal coffee cans can be transformed into lovely luminaries that will brighten any room. Simply clean the cans and make designs in them with a nail or screwdriver to allow light to pass through. 

When they are all finished, simply add tealight candles (either regular or battery powered) to brighten your night. Before drilling holes, you can help the cans retain their shape by filling them with water and freezing them.

6. DIY Containers for Holiday Treats 

Clever Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Cans
Source: Craftbits

Use those recycled coffee cans to hold your holiday treats or as a lovely container for gifts of those treats. 

Use Mod Podge to adhere holiday paper to the cans or paint the cans in different holiday colors. Alternatively, you could also use scrapbook or contact paper. Then, give them to your family and friends after filling them with your favorite holiday cookies or candies. 

7. Pet treats

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Coffee Cans
Source: Pinterest

Used plastic coffee containers make great canisters for pet snacks or treats. If you just need little amounts of pet food, you can even use them as dog or cat food canisters. Just give them a quick cleaning before decorating however you desire. The food is kept fresh and prevented from pouring out by the plastic cap. Additionally, those coffee canisters are quite large, allowing you to store a lot of treats inside for your small furry pals. 

Which project is your favorite?

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