Here’s What to Look for in a Ceiling Fan

Here’s What to Look for in a Ceiling Fan

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices when it comes to buying a new ceiling fan. There are so many fans to choose from at your local big box store, and there are even more options when you shop for fans online.

You need a fan that offers features, strength, and durability – a fan that will blend in with your decor and keep you and your family nice and comfortable for years to come. You need to look for ceiling fans that offer smart connectivity and other fun features, as well as for fans that are the right size for the space you want to put them in. Shop for durable and long-lasting fans, and allow yourself to discover a fan design that you truly love.

Fun Features

Ceiling fans these days are offering a much wider range of features than ever before. Smart ceiling fans are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why – you can control a smart ceiling fan from your smartphone or use a smart home device to control it using your voice. Smart fans can be programmed so that the fan comes on automatically at certain times of day, and they can be controlled from afar, in case you need the fan turned on earlier or later than usual. You can even buy fans that will sense when it’s getting hot in the room and turn on automatically.

Of course, you may not be able to afford the latest smart fan with all the bells and whistles, or you might not feel the need for such a thing. You should still look for basic features that will give your ceiling fan the functionality you need. Ceiling fans should have at least three fan speeds, and most models have built-in light fixtures – some even have dimmable light fixtures. You should also make sure any fan you buy has a reversible motor, so you can use it to keep warm in the winter, too.

Suitable Size

A ceiling fan needs to be the right size for the room it’s in. If it’s too small, it’s not going to move enough air, and if it’s too big, it’ll move too much. Either way, you’ll be uncomfortable. 

Measure the square footage of your room. If the room is under 100 square feet, choose a 29- to 36-inch ceiling fan. If the room is 100 to 150 square feet, choose a 40- to 50-inch fan. If the room is 150 to 350 square feet, choose a 52- to 60-inch fan. If the room is larger than 350 square feet, you need a 60-inch fan if not bigger.

You also need to know your ceiling height and make sure your fan will hang at the appropriate height of about seven to nine feet off the floor. If you have nine-foot or higher ceilings, you’re going to need a fan with a downrod – and a downrod extension kit if your ceiling is higher than nine feet. If your ceilings are lower than eight feet, you need a flush mount fan that will hug the ceiling. 

Here’s What to Look for in a Ceiling Fan

Durability and Strength

A ceiling fan is a semi-permanent fixture that can see a lot of use, especially in homes that rely on them for climate control. Fans with DC motors are typically more durable and last longer. They’re also quieter and offer more speed settings, but they’re more expensive than fans with AC motors. Buy the nicest ceiling fan you can afford so that you can get many years of use out of it.

Wet/Dry Compatibility

If you’re hanging a ceiling fan in any area where it might be exposed to humidity or moisture, whether indoors or out, you need a fan that’s rated for those conditions. A damp-rated fan is appropriate for kitchen and bathroom use, but you should only hang wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans outside. Even if your outdoor ceiling fan is sheltered under a porch, it can still get wet and once water gets inside the fan, it will break down the motor components and other parts of the fan quickly. Outdoor ceiling fans are completely sealed against moisture. Only hang dry-rated ceiling fans indoors in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Fashionable Design

Design might be the last thing you think of when you start shopping for a ceiling fan, or it might be right at the top of your list, but fortunately there are plenty of fun ceiling fan designs available on the market today. If you live a glamorous life, go for a chandelier ceiling fan with stylish glass blades. If you’re returning to vintage classics, look at traditional fan designs. If you’re shopping to decorate your beach house, grab a nice palm-leaf fan. The options are virtually endless.

Shopping for a ceiling fan doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to narrow down the choices, and find a fan that will meet your needs and spruce up your home.

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