5 Useful Tips to Prevent Burglars from Entering Your Home Through Your Backyard

5 Useful Tips to Prevent Burglars from Entering Your Home Through Your Backyard

In the US, a burglary happens every 30 seconds. That’s according to the FBI statistics. And the average loss from such a crime is $2, 661. Isn’t it a big loss, especially if you’re finding it hard to make ends meet? 

You wouldn’t want to suffer from such financial (and emotional) losses) that come with burglary. So it only makes sense that you become proactive in protecting your home and preventing burglars from entering your property.

If you’re looking for ways to do it, here are five useful tips to consider.

1. Get an alarm system.

No burglars would want to get caught. This is why they avoid properties with a security system and find an easier target. While others would try to disable alarm systems, most burglars are put off by these systems and won’t mess with them.

An alarm system installed by professionals costs less than the associated cost of a burglary. There is also the DIY option. When you get one for your home, you are scaring off a would-be intruder as they know someone’s watching. It helps you keep tabs on what’s happening at home.

2. Consider home automation.

Home automation allows you to receive real-time alerts if there’s something suspicious going on. It also gives you control of your safety devices even remotely, increases convenience, and helps you save on energy bills

If you’ll check the latest technology available for home safety, you’ll see a number of options that can definitely thwart someone trying to break in. Here are some of the ways you can automate your home to improve security:

  • ⬥ Doorbells that ring on your phone.
  • ⬥ Video doorbells
  • ⬥ Smart locks
  • ⬥ Smart light bulbs and entertainment systems that you can turn on and off when you’re away from home
  • ⬥ Motion detectors and security cameras.

3. Remove hiding places.

If you hire a remodeling contractor or a landscape and garden service provider to improve your house curb appeal, make sure to put safety in mind when planning your design. For example, while trees and shrubs improve the appeal of your property, they can also be handy places for burglars to hide. 

Opting for smaller bushes and flower plants can help you get rid of potential hiding places Also, trim down those trees and plants that can be used for cover. If there are trees near your windows where burglars can climb up, make sure to secure those windows.

4. Don’t make your place tempting.

In addition to getting fencing contractors to work on your fences and make your home secure, you also need to become careful with how you do things inside your property. If your pricey stuff is on display in your yard, then you’re making your place a tempting target for burglars. 

When you leave expensive things like bicycles in plain sight on the road, burglars could become curious about what other goodies you have inside. This makes you a great target as they know you have pricey belongings on your property. Whether you want to show off or you don’t have enough space to hide them won’t be enough reason to leave them lying around; you’re only making your home unsafe. So move them out of view. Stools, ladders, and other things that can be used to enter your home should also be put away.

Also, do you like posting your out-of-town plans? Then you’re giving these criminals a target for their next break-in. Make sure not to share your whereabouts while you’re still out of town because you will give them the idea that no one is at home.

5. Secure your doors and windows.

When you purchase a house or rent a new one, it usually comes with a lock for doors and windows that’s not always the most secure. If you have the means or resources, opt for an upgrade that can keep the burglar out. 

You can also install an additional layer of security at these entry points. For example, if you have a wooden window frame, you can add a stopper by drilling a hole and inserting a nail or metal pin into it. Or if you have sliding doors, you can put a strong dowel or steel bar into the back groove to stop them from sliding back and opening in case someone picks the lock.

These are only five of the many things you can do so you won’t fall victim to a burglary. If you have other useful tips you would like to share, let us know. Stay safe!

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