Creative Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Space

Creative Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Space

Let’s face it—we’re so busy with work and family that we don’t always have the time to freshen up our home. Then, all of a sudden, we look around, and everything feels bland and boring.

Don’t worry; you don’t need much time or money to give your home a makeover. You can use the items you have at home and a few items you can find at the store. These are creative ways to freshen up your living space.

Switch Up the Furniture Layout

Sometimes, all it takes is moving the couch from one wall to another to create a brand-new living room. You’ll create a whole new look without spending any money. Changing around the chairs or sofas presents the room with a fresh perspective. This idea proves you don’t need to spend money to give your living room a refreshing new life. You may even find a flow that works better for you that you didn’t think of before.

Swap Out Decorations

Decor trends come and go. Swap out some of the outdated decorations for updated, modern items. Do a few pieces at a time to stick to your budget.

You can even switch out decorative items from other rooms. For example, take a vase from the dining room and place it in the living room. Switch the painting from your entryway and move it to the kitchen. Go for the bold statement pieces to make the biggest impact.

Add More Flowers

If your space feels like it’s missing something, flowers are the answer. Nature brings color, wonderful scents, and vibrancy to any room. Grab a floral arrangement from a local florist and add a cheery pop of brightness. Fake flowers are an excellent option if you want something that will last longer than a few days.

Upgrade Curtains, Throw Blankets, and Pillows

New pillows and blankets can breathe new life into any space. They can bring texture and color to a room that needs a pick-me-up. You can opt for new pillow covers, or even make the covers yourself if you’re artsy. These are two excellent ways to save a few pennies.

Don’t forget about those curtains that you hung up when you first moved in. Curtains can easily date a room, so it’s time for an upgrade to more design-worthy window treatments.

Use any of the above ideas to freshen up your living space. Your family and home will thank you for the makeover. Plus, you’ll walk in and feel happier in a space you created.

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