9 Easy Ways to Make a Room Feel New Again

9 Easy Ways to Make a Room Feel New Again

Do you get bored with certain rooms in your home? It’s easy to get tired of looking at things in a room, especially if they’ve been the same way for a long time. And if you just bought a new home, you probably paid a large sum in closing costs and don’t want to spend a lot to redecorate your home.

Let’s explore some inexpensive and easy ways to make a room feel fresh and new again.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

This may sound simple, but changing the way your furniture is positioned in a room can breathe new life into it. If your couch has been against the same wall since you moved in, consider moving it to another spot to open up your space or give it a fresh look. Get creative — you can always move furniture back if you don’t like how the space ends up.

2. Consider How You Use Your Spaces

Having a desk in your living room might feel like the right spot but consider your habits. Do you tend to work in bed? In a spare bedroom? Maybe even at the kitchen table? Think about how you use your rooms and the furniture inside of them to decide if you should get rid of items that aren’t serving a purpose, or possibly move them to other spots in your home. When you consider how you use a space and rearrange accordingly, you can also get more organized and reduce clutter.

3. Don’t Overlook the Power of Paint

When in doubt, try a new paint color. This relatively inexpensive tip can change the vibe of a room completely. Want a cozy, warm space? Try a dark, moody color that complements your decor. Looking to brighten up a dark or small room? A fresh coat of white paint can do wonders.

And you don’t have to reserve paint just for your walls. Changing the color of wooden furniture, like bookshelves and credenzas, your window and wall trim, or even your kitchen cabinets can help elevate your space on a budget.

4. Shop Your House

Buying new home decor items may feel tempting, but consider what you already have first. Would that small rug in your hallway look better in your entryway? What about that stylish lamp hiding in your bedroom that you never use? Would it change the mood of your kitchen if you added it to a counter?

If you’re not sure where to start, consider taking all of your decor items, removing them from their current spots in your home, and setting them on the floor or on your dining room table. Start from scratch and begin redecorating your home.

You can do the same thing with accent furniture, too, like chairs, end tables, and ottomans. Try swapping out your rugs to give different rooms a new look. And, if you have friends struggling with the same problem, consider hosting a mini garage sale where you shop each other’s homes and swap items.

5. Rearrange Artwork

That perfectly curated gallery wall above your couch may have been a painstaking effort, but if you’re not loving it anymore, try making changes. Add plug-in wall sconces or shelves, and move artwork around to other parts of your home. Don’t skip the bathroom — even a small print can make a bathroom feel cozier.

6. Add Warm Lighting

You might have to spend some money here, but swapping out cool or fluorescent bulbs with warm, daylight bulbs can make your space feel more welcoming. You can also add different types of lighting, like floor lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. Twinkle lights, small spotlights behind plants, and other battery-operated lighting, like faux candles, can go a long way in changing the look of your space.

7. Style with What You Already Have

To refresh the look of your home without spending any money, consider using items you collect or love owning as decor. For example, if you’re an avid reader, move some of your books off of bookshelves and sprinkle them around your home — on coffee tables, side chairs, and other focal points in your home. You can coordinate the colors to better compliment the mood of each room.

You can use this tip for anything you collect. If you love hats, for instance, try displaying some of your favorites on the wall for a pop of color and personality.

8. Switch Up Your Textiles

Another easy way to transform your home is by swapping out fabrics like throw blankets, curtains, and table runners. You can invest in fabrics for different seasons or swap fabrics across different rooms.

If you want your living room to appear more homey, move your white throw blankets to other spaces in the house and swap them with printed or more colorful options.

9. Thrift, When Possible

To keep a room looking fresh and unique, consider buying decor or furniture secondhand — you can then sell or get rid of outdated furniture you no longer need. You can find one-of-a-kind pieces, and may even get new items for a bargain. Don’t forget to check out online shops, like Facebook marketplace.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot of Money to Reinvent Your Space

Try some of these creative tips to help a room in your home feel like new again. Remember to consider the functionality of the space and then incorporate items from other spaces in your home and rearrange the furniture to better fit the vibe you want.

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