10 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

10 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

A small space can either feel charming or challenging. But changing out decor and design elements can have a big impact on how open your home feels. If you’re struggling to maximize your quaint space, a few little adjustments could make all the difference. Before you consider a renovation (or even a move), incorporate these 10 decorating ideas and watch your small-space transformation come to life.

1. Use Mirrors to Add Depth

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book and for good reason! Mirrors provide an optical illusion of depth and openness in even the smallest rooms. What’s more, they’re affordable and easy to find in a range of sizes and styles.

Try to choose a focal point and angle a mirror towards it — or place one near a window to reflect the outdoor scenery and natural lighting. Both of these tricks allow your mirrors to bounce light around the room, making it appear larger than it is.

2. Keep It Simple With White Walls

Much like mirrors, white walls have reflective qualities. When you paint your walls and the ceiling white, you open the space and create a feeling of height.

If this feels overly simplistic, you don’t have to choose a stark white paint color. There are varying degrees of white paint, many of which lean toward an off-white or can even provide sheen.

If you feel like you still need a pop of color, opt for an accent wall in a lighter shade. This will give you the element of style you’re searching for without closing the room in.

3. Decorate With Light Colors

Keeping with the theme of light and bright, your furniture and other pieces of decor should also fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. Soft tones like pale blues and greens, or very neutral shades of beige, can help you hold on to that feeling of openness. Take this advice when it comes to everything from couch pillows to artwork.

4. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Light and bright is the name of the game. If you have the opportunity, lean into natural lighting as much as possible with unobstructed windows.

If this isn’t an option, get creative with your lighting options and use bulbs that mimic warm and natural outdoor lighting. Recessed lighting with dimmers allow for beautiful lighting that can easily be manipulated to fit the time of day or ambience. Plus, you can incorporate table lamps that fit your unique style.

5. Eliminate Clutter

A clean and tidy room with minimal clutter will always appear larger. Aim to keep the floor as clear as possible and keep personal belongings tucked away in a closet or drawers.

This method also applies to your walls and table surfaces. Try to avoid an abundance of frames and other decorative items that will only make the space feel busy.

6. Ditch Curtains and Rugs

Heavy material has a way of absorbing light and weighing you down, even if they’re light in color. For this reason, it’s better to forego curtains and rugs. This will truly open up a small space and keep things feeling unobstructed.

In the event that you’re decorating a bedroom or other space that requires drapes, opt for lightweight and breezy fabrics that allow for movement.

7. Rely on a Focal Piece

An established focal point can draw the eye to a certain piece of furniture and make it the center of the room. In a bedroom, this would be the bed. For the dining room, it’s likely the table. Arrange minimal decorative items around this focal point for a minimalist approach that will naturally make your space feel roomy.

8. Place Large Furniture Pieces Against the Wall

Are you dealing with a large sectional couch in a small living room? Pushing it against the wall and allowing for open space in the middle of the room will help keep your space aesthetically pleasing. This will also help improve the flow of the room, allowing people to pass by furniture with ease. The same rule applies to other large pieces of furniture like dressers and cabinetry.

9. Buy Furniture That Fits the Scale of the Room

Although you can move furniture around to maximize space, the ideal solution is to select furniture that fits the scale of the room. If you have a large couch, love seat, and coordinating chairs in a tiny living space, it may be time to get rid of the set and start over. Selecting furniture that is appropriate in size compared to the rest of the room will make a substantial difference.

Pro tip: If you have the budget, find an interior decorator to help you select the best furniture to maximize your space. They can also guide you in choosing the right colors, patterns, and fabrics to trick the eye into thinking your space is much larger!

10. Get Creative Pieces

There’s never been a better time to shop around for the right furniture to fit a small space. From Murphy beds to multifunctional consoles with fold-down desks, the options are endless. Unique pieces like these allow you to save space and still have the functionality you need for daily life. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

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