Most Affordable States in the US to Live and Work in 2020

When choosing where to move after college or where to start a family, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to consider the climate, the laws and how far it is from your family and friends. However, one thing that often firmly sits at the top of the list is affordability. Living in a state that is too expensive can be terrible and hurt your ability to save.

How to Buy Real Estate as a Single Mother

The uncertainty and high costs that come with renting a home necessitate home buying for many single mothers. Having to worry about the fast-approaching end-of-lease date or whether or not your kid(s) will have a roof over their head tomorrow isn’t fun either. When you buy a home as a single mother, the sense of self-accomplishment that comes with it will not only make you a better mom but will also boost your productivity at work and life in general.