HomeZada Delivers Most Accurate Home Value Using AI for Remodel Projects to Forecast Return on Investment

For homeowners, there are many real estate sites that provide automated estimated home values based on current market conditions for your neighborhood. HomeZada’s newest Ai technology significantly improves those estimates by including all your completed home remodel projects because automated home value sites do not know what projects you have completed. HomeZada, which tracks all your renovation projects including estimates, budgets and costs, now incorporates ROI calculations for each remodel and adds that to the current home value making it more accurate.

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New Receipt and Text Advanced Imaging Intelligence Automates Home Inventory Process

We are excited to announce a new technology that streamlines the process of creating a home inventory using advanced imaging intelligence. HomeZada now uses image recognition technology specifically for homeowners when using their mobile phone to take a picture of a receipt. Once you upload the photo of the receipt to HomeZada, our image recognition technology will read all text on the receipt and display that to you automatically. Read More