New Receipt and Text Advanced Imaging Intelligence Automates Home Inventory Process

We are excited to announce a new technology that streamlines the process of creating a home inventory using advanced imaging intelligence. HomeZada now uses image recognition technology specifically for homeowners when using their mobile phone to take a picture of a receipt. Once you upload the photo of the receipt to HomeZada, our image recognition technology will read all text on the receipt and display that to you automatically.

Take a Photo

Then, all you have to do is pick key fields from the image like the purchased date, purchase price, item, store, etc. and assign them to the inventory field. This reduces data entry time when entering a home inventory. This powerful image recognition technology makes it amazingly easy to create your inventory or update your inventory. Simply take a photo of a receipt with new purchases.

HomeZada New Receipt and Text Imaging Intelligence Automates Home Inventory Process

Tag Photos

This advanced imaging intelligence is enabled on the Tag Photos page in HomeZada. This makes it easy to tag a receipt to an existing inventory item or to create a new inventory item on the fly. Another great use case of this new feature is to take close up photos of a product nameplate. A nameplate like those on the back of electronics or appliances. This technology can read the serial numbers from the image.

HomeZada New Receipt and Text Imaging Intelligence Automates Home Inventory Process

Stored Text

Many receipts from stores have a lot of text on them. HomeZada will also automatically store all that text from the receipt in the Inventory Item description field. By storing this receipt, HomeZada users benefit from search capabilities. When you need to find the details of these receipts, all you have to do is use the global search box to type in some brief text like the store name, and HomeZada will search all the previous receipts you have uploaded and instantly find it for you. Searching for details continues to get easier.

HomeZada New Receipt and Text Imaging Intelligence Automates Home Inventory Process

Get in the habit of taking photos of the receipts of the things you buy for your house. Make sure you enable the photo recognition feature on the Tag Photos page. Then all you have to do is upload photos of those receipts to your HomeZada account. And our image and text recognition technology reads all the information into your home inventory for you. These screenshots show how this new feature works in our desktop app, but this text recognition also works via tablet and mobile. We hope you enjoy this amazing automation to easily improve your home inventory.

For more information on how this feature works, visit HomeZada’s YouTube channel.