12 Stunning Mailbox Makeover Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

Source: Grandin Road

Think about it. Mailboxes are exposed to all kinds of abuses. Weather, vehicles accidentally bumping into the post they’re sitting on and even dogs leaving their “mark” behind!

If your mailbox looks like it’s seen better days, here are some great mailbox makeover ideas that can bring new life to this very important feature of modern life!

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7 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

A smart home is one you can control with a simple click on your smartphone, wherever you are. The idea is to connect different gadgets and devices, thus improving the overall functionality of your home.

If you follow the latest trends, here are a couple of ideas for you to turn your place into a 21st century home. 

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10 Easy Closet Door Makeovers You’ll Love!

While some homeowners remodel their entire houses, others are perfectly content to change a few cosmetic details here and there.

Even a small project can have a profound effect on your home’s style. 

If you don’t have the time (or budget) to renovate all of your rooms, one simple change, such as a closet door makeover, can make a big impact!

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Create Your Own Push Notifications for Managing Your Home

Create Your Own Push Notifications About Managing Your Home

Consumers have a love hate relationship with push notifications they receive from the apps they install on their mobile phones. Some people really appreciate them if they are informative, timely, and useful. Others hate them because they are not relevant. But with most apps, you the user don’t control what push notifications get sent to you.

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