What To Know About Changing Doors and Windows

What To Know About Changing Doors and Windows

You can say that you don’t care how long your grass gets since you can easily trim upon moving out. However, the two most important parts of your home are your doors and windows. It might be hard to believe, but if they don’t match, look frightening, or sit in odd positions, you won’t have many people coming to see your home. There’s even a chance your doors or windows are weak and won’t shut out the elements from sneaking through cracks and holes. Here’s our quick, definitive guide on what to know about changing doors and windows.

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5 Tips to Choosing the White Shade that Works Best for Your Room

The decision to paint your walls white is easy, but finding the right shade of white can be a challenge.

Most paint brands offer a variety of white paint options to choose from, and some larger brands may have dozens of options. 

Snowbound, Pure White, and Oxford White, among hundreds of other shades of white paint, could lead an indecisive soul to spend hours trying to decide. 

Besides the fact that white looks good with anything, there are lots of great reasons why people pick white. But despite its popularity, white paint is not a “one size fits all” solution.

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Creative Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Creative Ways To Remodel Your Basement

Many homeowners like to use their basement as a storage space and leave it unfinished entirely. If that’s how you like to keep the basement, no judgment here, but you’re missing out on the opportunity to create a visually stunning area to relax and socialize in. These creative ways to remodel your basement will showcase just how beneficial it can be to transform your basement from a storage space to a must-see amenity.

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5 DIY Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Projects under $500

5 DIY Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Projects under $500Your kitchen and bath are not only the most used areas of your home they’re also the rooms that home sellers are advised to update when trying to sell.

But what if you don’t have a ton of money to drop on a major remodel? Are you destined to live with a mediocre kitchen and bath? Read More