12 Tips to Stop Drafts in Your Home

If you’re constantly bumping up the thermostat in an attempt to stay warm, and you’ve ruled out issues with your furnace, then it could be drafts.

Not sure if drafts are the problem?

A simple way to spot drafts is to hold up a candle near the window or door and see if it flickers. If this is your home, read on for 12 tips for preventing heat loss and eliminating drafts in your home

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9 Home Management Tips for Your Second Home

The benefits of owning a second home are numerous. To begin with, it provides two locations for you to travel between (making life more interesting). 

Furthermore, it enables you to simultaneously increase the equity in two properties (your residence and your investment property). Additionally, it can function as a cash-flowing asset when rented out temporarily. 

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8 Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

If you want to maximize the look and feel of your small kitchen, you can play with a wide variety of shades and hues besides white and neutrals.

Even the tiniest of kitchens can feel much bigger with the right paint colors. So, if you’re wondering how to add a little more design interest and room to your tiny home, you can start by upgrading your current color scheme.

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10 Tips to DIY Your Long Term Food Storage

10 Tips to DIY Your Long Term Food Storage
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Think about it. One day in the not too distant future, you wake up and everything seems perfect. Your home is filled with the sounds of happiness, the sun shining, and the birds singing.

But then you turn on the morning news and your world comes crashing down, as a disaster is unfolding in front of you. It is a global catastrophe that will affect you and your family.

Although this scenario may never come to pass, we know the question regarding disasters isn’t if they will happen, but when. In light of this, how prepared are you? Have you ever thought about the possibility of needing DIY long-term food storage?

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Budgeting through Product Research in a Home Improvements Project

Budgeting through Product Research

Many homeowners embark on home improvement projects they have never done before. So, they struggle when determining a high level budget. Many reasons for the struggle is because this budget is completely unknown. Here are some steps to consider in helping you develop a budget. In order to see if a project is even financially feasible for you, these steps will come in handy. Read More