Ep 008 – Get Your Home Organized – Susie Hayman from NAPO

January is Get Organized Month. With that one of the best places to start is by taking a home inventory or organizing other areas around the home. In today’s episode, Beth is talking with the past president of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), Susie Hayman to discuss organization and what we can do to be better organized. We will cover how Get Organized Month came to be, how HomeZada can help you become better organized around your home. We will discuss physical and digital organization. We will discuss the benefits of being organized and how NAPO members help homeowners. We will discuss the value of organizing all year round. If homeowners need help organizing, we will also discuss how to find the help you need. Getting organized can start with simple steps and can also be done by yourself or with help.

● [02:20] More about Susie
● [05:58] NAPO’s Get Organized Month
● [12:41] Benefits of being more organized
● [20:15] How to stay organized throughout the year
● [25:25] How NAPO can help you get more organized

● January is Get Organized Month! NAPO helps people improve their lives by helping them create environments that support productivity, general health and wellbeing in all areas of their home (physical and digital).
● Being organized saves you time and money. If you know where things are, whether it’s something physical or whether it’s something digital, you’re not going to buy it again and you will be able to find it easily. When you are organized you have more time to do those things you want to do.
● Organization helps restore a sense of order and control. Thus, you reduce your level of stress. You get rid of that horrible feeling of overwhelm and you’re more efficient and productive in everything you do.
● In order to get and stay organized, take small steps. You don’t (and can’t) organize everything in one day, one week, or even one month. Just take one step at a time, one small portion at a time. See those little wins and then keep on going.




Susie Hayman, as the founder and owner of In Your Business, helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofits be more productive by giving them the tools to efficiently manage their people, processes, time and stuff. She works with business owners, managers and employees to develop the systems and processes they need to be successful. In addition to working one on one with clients, Susie shares her expertise with prospective and new professional organizers and productivity consultants.
With 19 years of experience in the organizing and productivity profession, Susie has increased employee productivity and organizational efficiency for small businesses, retailers, nonprofit organizations and home offices. Her workplace organizing and productivity classes and workshops are presented to businesses, organizations and community groups throughout the Richmond area.

Susie has been featured as an expert on CBS “Virginia This Morning,” the WRVA radio morning show, and “Girlfriend We GottaTalk!” radio show. She has written numerous articles for professional and lifestyle publications, and co-authored “Organize Your Small Business,” 70 tips from a collection of experts.
A graduate of the University of Georgia, Susie currently serves as Past President of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), a 3,300 member association. She is the recipient of the 2017 NAPO’s Founders’ Award, a 15-year Golden Circle member, and holds a NAPO Specialist Certificate in Workplace Productivity.

Elizabeth Dodson is a focused technology entrepreneur with successful skills in business development, sales, marketing and finance with over 20 years of successful management of revenue producing partners. With great organizational skills balancing multiple roles and responsibilities as an entrepreneur and the drive to increase company revenues and user growth for a consumer technology solution with a partner solution to support the homeowner market.

John Bodrozic has start-up entrepreneur experience beginning with boot strapping, profitable growth, securing venture and corporate venture funding, acquisitions of technology companies, and selling a business to a publicly traded company.

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