11 Window Treatment Tips the Pros Use

The choice of window treatments for every room of your house is practically unlimited. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be tempting to choose the simplest, safest choices.

But simple and safe can easily become monotonous and stale when you realize how much window treatments can influence the mood of the space.

The following tips for choosing the right window treatment solution for your space are some of the same tips that professionals share with their clients.

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Ep 014 – DIY Home Remodeling Projects You Can Do Yourself


May is Home Remodeling Month but we don’t need to always do large and expensive projects. We can transform our homes with simple, low-cost, DIY projects. In this episode, we discuss the different types of projects you can do that are affordable, easy and can often be completed in a weekend. Tune in to hear our tips to refresh your home with simple DIY projects.


  • [01:50] Cost-effective exterior project ideas.
  • [05:37] The benefits of installing low voltage lighting outside.
  • [12:26] Interior DIY project ideas.
  • [16:00] How to refresh a room with decorative and furniture type projects.
  • [19:15] Tips when using paint to transform different spaces.
  • [23:08] Where to find inspiration and other easy project ideas.


  • DIY projects can be great ways to update your home for a low cost.
  • When investing in your home, focus on the front of your house first. Take care of your grass, irrigation, and consider adding shrubs, trees and potted plants.
  • The front door is the main way we welcome guests. Freshen up your front door with a bright paint color or new hardware.
  • Organization is another way to invest in your home. When you have a clutter-free environment, you have a more productive environment.


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Ep 012 – How to Hire a Contractor for Remodel Projects


Interviewing a remodeling contractor for some may seem challenging. But we have some simple tips to help you have a fabulous relationship with your contractor. In today’s episode, we walk through the steps to consider before, during, and after a remodel project. Listen in to learn the tips and tricks on how to start your project off on the right foot and end with on a good note!

Questions to consider when starting a project:

  • What should a homeowner do before researching for a remodeling contractor? What do homeowners need to look for when researching a contractor for a remodel project? Is it important to compare contractors or quotes before deciding on which contractor to use?
  • What details should be asked prior to signing a contract with a remodeling contractor? How should a homeowner manage their contractor during the construction process?
  • How should you handle a situation with your contractor if something is not working during the project? Who manages or is responsible for the budget of the project?
  • How should change orders be determined when changes do happen to a project? How should money be paid to a contractor? Up front, partial payment, etc
  • What are the risks of certain contracts? What to look for and how to manage the details? What does a close out look like and if there is a problem with the job, how can you manage this process?


  • [01:23] What should a homeowner do before researching for a remodeling contractor? What do homeowners need to look for when researching a contractor for a remodel project?
  • [09:24] How do you find quality contractors and one of the key questions to ask your contractor?.
  • [12:53] how to ask for client referrals?
  • [18:34] How should money be paid to a contractor?
  • [21:10] Understanding “change orders” and what happens when changes happen during the project.
  • [24:01] How to handle the close out process and gather warranties.


  • You need a plan before you start looking for a contractor. Do the upfront planning before you try to determine the scope of the project.
  • If you are working on a bigger project, it’s smart to get two to three bids or estimates.
  • When getting customer referrals, don’t ask broad questions like whether the contractor did a good job. Ask detailed questions about the process of the project and demeanor of the contractor.





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10 Outdoor Bench and Sofa Ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to have a big garden, you know just how lovely and practical a bench can be. It gives you a place to rest and enjoy spending time outside, and in some cases, provides a great place to stow unsightly, but useful outdoor items.

And while you can buy a bench for your garden at any big box home improvement or landscape specialty store, there are many DIY garden bench ideas out there that are quick and inexpensive to make.

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