Outdoor Fireplaces vs. Fire Pits: Which One is Right for Your Home?

There’s nothing quite like the warm crackle and mesmerizing flicker of an open fire on a cool evening. Whether you want to extend those nights on the patio or create a cozy outdoor living room, adding a fire feature can turn your backyard into a welcoming open-air oasis. 

Two of the most popular options for outdoor fires are fire pits and fireplaces. While both offer the pleasure of watching flames and embers, each has distinct pros and cons.

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Revamp Your Basement: 9 Creative Remodeling Ideas

Do you ever feel like your basement is a neglected and gloomy area that serves no other purpose than to store your belongings? It’s time to unlock its full potential and transform it into a functional and inviting area that adds value to your home. 

Whether you’re craving an entertainment hub, a peaceful retreat, or a versatile workspace, your basement offers endless possibilities. Read on as we explore 9 creative ideas to help you refresh or remodel your basement and make the most of every square foot.

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Are You Thinking About Painting Your Home?

If you are thinking about painting your home this year, here are the new colors of the year by each paint manufacturer. Each manufacturer has chosen a different color to give you a variety of choices if you are considering color palettes.

You may or may not be familiar with all the manufactures we are mentioning, and you may not be familiar with the color of the year concept. The color of the year concept was started by the color company Pantone. Pantone creates colors for the design and manufacturing industries. These industries include graphic design, fashion design, paint manufacturers, product design manufacturers and others.

The Color of the Year

The color of the year started in 2000 with the Pantone Color Institute declaring a color of the year by hosting representatives from various nations to determine the actual color of the year and reasoning for the color of the year. You can learn more about the past colors of the year here.

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year is Peach Fuzz. They want to invoke warmth and calm with this color.  Peach Fuzz is designed to nurture ourselves and others. When you look at this color, you can see the calming effect. The color also looks a bit ethereal bringing in love and light to the area in your home.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams is on the same concept of light and calming with Upward which is a light airy blue color. Sherwin Williams takes the step a bit further by showcasing additional colors that could accent or go well with their color of the year choice. These are also calming colors and you now have more choices for colors in your home.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year

This manufacture chooses a different color but with similarities to Sherwin Williams with Blue Nova. Blue Nova is a bit darker than Upward but is still soothing. Benjamin Moore was inspired by travel to come up with the Blue Nova color of the year. They also share colors that align with this color in order to help you plan your spaces.

Behr’s Color of the Year

Behr choose to go a completely different direction with Cracked Pepper. This color is dark and rich. It is exactly what you think, it is a black color and brings a boldness to a room. For anyone doing video production in a room, this is a great color for a wall.

Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year

Dunn-Edwards is also choosing a blue color with Skipping Stones. This color is inspired by the sea and feelings of gratitude and magic. They suggest using this color in a space for quiet reflection.

Valspar Color of the Year

The Valspar organization is also choosing a blue color for 2024. This color is called Renew Blue. This organization is also inspired by calm and serenity in the home. They also use the word simplicity to explain the reasoning behind this chosen color.

HGTV’s Color of the Year

HGTV in partnership with Sherwin-Williams has created a similar color to the Pantone color called Persimmon. Persimmon is a peachy like color similar to that of a persimmon fruit.

Glidden Color of the Year

Glidden stays in the same calming color scheme but chooses a more yellowish color with Limitless. They may not like the fact that I called it a yellowish color, you can watch the video for more fun, but it kind of looks a little yellowish to me.

Remember painting your home or objects in your home can use these colors. You do not need to use these colors on all the walls in a room but any of these colors could be a great accent wall. Have fun and it is looks like calming is the core message for 2024.

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7 Things You Should Know Before Building Your Own Deck

Adding a deck to your house can make it easier to enjoy your outdoor space in nice weather. It can also boost your home’s value by adding curb appeal — making your home more attractive if you decide to sell.

Although a home with a deck can support a higher list price, building one can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s possible, however, to assemble a simple deck for less, depending on the materials, labor, and time required. Before jumping into a deck construction project, here are seven factors you should consider.

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