Iconic TV Living Rooms – Infographic

Set designers are amazing as to how they create a room to envy by designers and homeowners. Some of the most popular television shows bring us living room designs that keep us transfixed and engaged in the show. In fact, some of these iconic TV living rooms are like characters that play a role in the story. Actors easily fit in and around the sets and these living rooms. You can probably relate to these rooms.

Some of Your Favorite Shows

You may even feel like they are a part of your own home. With these designs and TV living rooms, you can use the design elements to create a similar style. Who wouldn’t want the Married with Children’s comfy sofa or the quirky arrangement of the Friends rooms.  Even Frasier had a skyline view to remember. Or maybe going old school like the Brady Bunch is a fun plan for your living room space. Here are just a few TV living rooms that show us how times have changed. And show us how we engage in our living rooms. For more iconic living rooms, click on the infographic.  Read More