Your Go-To Spring Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Spring is a time of renewal, and that also extends to your lawn. After a long, cold winter, your yard is bound to need some upkeep if you want it to look its best.

Nearly 20% of homeowners say yard work is more expensive than they initially expected, which is all the more reason to stay diligent when it comes to consistent upkeep. Regular maintenance will reduce the likelihood of costly projects down the line, help maintain excellent curb appeal, and get potential buyers interested if you’re thinking about selling your home.

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How to Save on Lawn Care Expenses

A healthy lawn is important for owners and renters alike. Many condo and homeowners associations even require it.

But the grass always seems greener when the lawn care budget is higher. Lawn care can be expensive, with the cost of supplies, water, and energy needed to maintain its green.

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