10 Clever Open Home Hacks for Your Outdoor Spaces

Preparing your home for an open house requires you to put your best foot forward both inside and out. Often, sellers pay little attention to the outside of their homes; something that could lead to missed opportunities. 

It is true that painting a whole house, improving the landscaping, or upgrading a garage door sound like hard work. Still, here’s the thing: real estate agents say you can prepare the exterior of your home without going crazy. 

So to that end, here are 10 open house hacks for the outside of your home that can get buyers’ attention.:

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7 Open House Tips and Tricks

Open House Tips and Tricks

It is that time. You are ready to sell your home and buy a brand new home. Time for change. Now you may be asking yourself what do I need to sell my house. You may be in a market that is hot and inventory is low, therefore your house may sell quickly with very little marketing. But is you are not in a hot market, you are more than likely going to host an open house Read More