5 Clever Decorating Ideas for Your TV Wall

5 Clever Decorating Ideas for Your TV Wall
Photo by nuddle on Unsplash

Televisions are common in most homes, and for many, they are positioned along a central wall in the living room or bedroom. But with much of the wall now taken up, this begs the question: what do you do with the rest of the wall behind your TV?  

There is no one right answer. The options and ideas for interior design go way beyond just a blank wall with a TV! 

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How to Create a Personality-Packed Wall with Wall Decor

Guest Blogger:  Kerrie Kelly, ASID
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Wall decor is one of the easiest ways to turn a ho-hum space into a statement-making room. A personality-packed wall is a fun way to embrace your own style without needing to invest in the latest trendy furniture. While the gallery wall, which features a curated collection of photos and artwork, is a major trend, we’d like to take a look at a few different ideas that are a bit more out of the ordinary. From Read More