8 Steps For Starting Your Home Renovation

8 Steps For Starting Your Home RenovationPerhaps you’ve been thinking about changing your kitchen countertops for months. You might have been contemplating about changing the look of your living space. If you’ve been itching to change some things in your home, then perhaps it may be high time for a home renovation project. Read More

Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Holiday Decorating Made EasyThe holidays are here and boy are they exciting. Creating memories throughout the holidays is wonderful and are hidden treasures. Holiday decorating can add to these holiday memories. With these simple tips you can make holiday decorating a memorable experience and keep your decorating easy. Read More

Top Tips for Managing Your Home on a Low Budget

Top Tips for Managing Your Home on a Low BudgetDo you earn less than $50,000 a year? Federal statistics suggest that a family of four living on less than $47,248 is considered low income, whilst those living on less than $23,624 are considered to be below the federal poverty level. No matter what your income everyone has to manage their budget each month. The basics of money management and budget planning are essential life skills that everyone should learn, but this is even more important if you are coping on a relatively small sum each month. Recent reports suggest that 44 percent of American children are now living in low income families, which means that Read More

5 Indoor Remodeling Projects to Do this Winter

5 Indoor Remodeling Projects to Do this Winter When it starts getting cold outside, we all tend to stay inside. Winter brings beautiful snow, much needed rain and cozy fireplaces. So while we are inside for winter, we can start and complete indoor remodeling projects. These five indoor remodeling projects are easy to Read More

Native American Inspired Decor

Native American Inspired DecorThanksgiving is almost near and what better way to celebrate the original people of the United States, then with a post focused on Native American inspired decor. When it comes to the indigenous population of the United States, there are multiple tribes of Native Americans. Each coming from a different location in the US. Therefore, decor inspired Read More