Home Fragrance for a Clean Scent in Your Home’s Air

home fragranceWhen temperatures are hitting in the triple digits, it is oftentimes difficult to allow fresh air in your home. Home fragrance is not nearly as important as comfort of the home temperature. Windows are closed, air conditioning units are on full blast to cool your home. And fans are blowing and everyone is cooped up inside. When summer is here, the outside air can actually offer a luxurious scent of summer with the likes of honeysuckle, rose, fresh summertime rain, herbs, and so many other lovely fragrances that bloom in summer.

Fresh Blooms

With the hot air outside and everyone cooped up inside, it is a great time to think about home fragrance. Adding a lovely home fragrance can be as simple as bringing in some of the lovely summer flowers. Choose flowers that are growing in your yard or a quick stop at the store to help add a touch summer to the indoors. These blooms can also liven up any opportunity to create a lovely new look to a room in summer.


If you prefer that your flowers remain in your gardens, try using air fresheners around your home for a more delightful scent. Air fresheners now come in many formats. You can use spray aerosols, mists, scented candles, wall plug-ins, gels and time released units. Even reeds and heated oils can also add the right freshness to a home. Keep in mind the flavors and scents that appeal to you. And also keep in mind how you want to scent your home. Some air fresheners are safer than others for anyone who may suffer from breathing problems.

If you have a family member that starts suffering from issues with breathing and you think it is your home fragrance, stop using your home fragrance or try changing your air filters for better air flow.

Whatever choice you choose to add home flagrance to your home, bring the scent of summer indoors with simple strategies!