A Scented Home, Bringing Freshness Indoors

A Scented Home, Bringing Freshness IndoorsFreshness in a house is a great thing to think of this time of year. The weather is cooling off, homeowners can open their windows to air out their homes. And fall brings some wonderfully lovely scents to create a scented home worth showcasing. The baking of pumpkin and apple pies, the spices around cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla give the introduction to fall. And its cooling down of temperatures and excitement for the holidays to come. Using the lingering smell of late summer early fall flowers to create a scented home of mums and sunflowers and late blooming roses.

Types of Scents

Scents become very personal for homeowners.  While some love people the smell of fresh baked goods, others love the smell of citrus and herbs. Some homeowners prefer a feminine scent like roses . While other homeowners prefer a masculine scent like patchouli. But all in all, people just like their homes to feel like them. And creating a scented home specific to the homeowners will reflect when meandering your home.

How to Add Scent

Creating those personal scented touches as a part of your home is so easy to do. There are a number of products that give off a subtle fascination to the nose like candles, oils, satchels, air deodorizers, spray air fresheners, plug-ins, décor infused scent items, fabric sprays, and reed diffusers. Many of the companies that supply these products also offer seasonal scents and are in stores now to create a scented home for a specific time of year.


When creating a scented home, it is important to understand your family life.  If you have small children, you might want to stay away from the candles and use more spray or standard air freshener type options. If you have limited time to freshen your home but want it smelling nice when you return from your day at work, you might like the reed diffuser or plug-in options.   For some great options on how to scent your home, visit:  http://www.glade.com/en-US/Pages/whatsNew.aspx, http://www.febreze.com/en_US/home.dohttp://www.yankeecandle.com/ or http://scentsy.net/