How to Prevent Burglary While You are On Vacation

Last week we posted a blog with tips on how to make your home more safe and more burglar proof, but almost all of the tips pertained to when you are actually at home. What tips will help you prevent burglary while you are on vacation and not at home at all. 

We recently came across this video that gives some great suggestions on how to keep your home safe and prevent burglary while you are on vacation or away from it for an extended period of time.  Tips like adding lights and cameras to your exterior can help deter burglars. Add motion sensor lights when people approach. Hire people to mow your law or shovel your driveway if it snows. Keep ladders and other items locked and away from the home so burglars do not have access to them to easily break in. Try adding a beware of dog sign to deter burglars. Keep a safe in your home for your valuable items to prevent burglary of the items. Walk around your home, look in your windows to see if you can see valuables and if so move them to a place out of plain site. Suspend your mail and paper deliver or ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and any packages that may come to you. In fact, ask neighbors to check your home every couple of days or maybe have a house sitter or pet sitter come over and stay to let potential burglars know that someone is at home.