Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain and GuttersRain is such a great thing for your yard however large sums of water or rain can reak havoc on your home.  The average roof (1000 sq. ft.) will collect over 650 gallons of water with just 1 inch of rainfall. Too much rain could cause foundation problems and landscape rot.  Additionally, rain can cause challenges with your gutters if they are not properly maintained.  Gutters can accumulate rocks, leaves, acorns and other debris that clog or block the flow of water leaving your gutters useless and possibly causing more home structural damage. So take the opportunity and clean your gutters to make sure that they are free of debris and are functioning properly. Rain should be able to move through your gutters quickly and seamlessly without any over the edges flow.However when cleaning your gutters, please make sure you leverage all the safety precautions necessary like using a ladder properly and having someone on hand at the bottom of the ladder to add an additional level of safety. Once you have cleaned your gutters, there are also gutter covers, guards or screens that could also maintain the life of your gutters and protect your home. Using gutter guards and screens, also minimizes the need for anyone in the house to climb ladders. With the population aging, making sure the safety of your family is a common concern.  To avoid climbing ladders in order to clean your gutters try using gutter guards.  Some are offered at http://www.gutters.com/

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