Saving Money while Decluttering

Save money declutteringIt is National Cleaning Week and while you are getting organized cleaning and decluttering your home, some great opportunities exist to help you actually save money. Saving money while decluttering can be a happy place for a lot of people, not to mention freeing the mind from so many fun things. 

  • Cleaning and decluttering provides you an opportunity to donate items to charity thereby giving you a tax incentive.
  • Review the number of cleaners you use and see if you can use fewer cleaners by using multipurpose cleaners or making your own.
  • Put your muscle in to it and use cleaning as an exercise to save money on your gym membership.  You burn approximately 144 calories per hour of cleaning. teaches us new ways to save money with items in your pantry. Saving money on decluttering constantly reduces the items in our home which also helps us remember what we own and we are no longer buying the same item over and over again because we could not find the item we were looking for in the first place.

Additionally, Mint also gives us advice on 11 Unusual Household Uses For Food Items that will save you money and how these items can help you clean your home.