Design applies to all projects, big or small

Design applies to all projects

The word “design” in context of home improvement projects is often misunderstood.  Part of the reason is that the level of detail with a “design” can vary dramatically depending on the size and complexity of a project. However, design applies to all projects and let’s define the word “design” in context of different kinds of home remodeling projects.

A window covering project, you have a bedroom that has windows that need to have some covering because of privacy or light issues. If you are deciding between blinds and curtains, choosing one over the other is essentially picking a design. Let’s say you want blinds. The next aspect of the design is the dimensions of the window, which could be 36” x 24”. You have completed your design for this project yourself, and you can write it down on a piece of paper.

Design applies to all projects included a closet shelving project.  This design requires more detail than the previous project. Do you want specific shelves for shoes, or full length clothes, and/or half-length clothes? How many spots for shoes? Do you want a place for accessories?  Do you want any built-in drawers? The final design of your closet shelving project will have a lot more dimensional measurements on the size of each component, as well was what material and color do you want these shelves to be made off. The final design will be much more detailed so whoever builds these shelves, knows exactly what needs to get done.

A new outdoor covered patio cooking area: This project is bigger and involves lots of different design like the size and spacing of all the elements, to the structural aspects of the patio, to the electrical and plumbing design of lights, sinks and outdoor appliances. What are the dimensions of the covered area?  hat are the dimensions of the countertop area?  Where are the outdoor appliances set?  What are the foundation and flooring elements for this area? All these things must be designed on blueprints, and probably permitted by your local county building department.

All projects need a design. Some you can do yourself and fit on a post-it note. Others require a bit more detail and thought, and some require professionals to put together as multiple items need to come together in order to work.

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