Are you Fully Insured with Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners InsuranceWhen you secure homeowners insurance, you trust that your insurance agent is giving you the best policy based on information that you have provided them. Our insurance agents are not often invited to our homes to review the details of what we own and how we use our homes, so insurance agents are guessing about what you own and what the standard homeowner has in their home. You however, may not be an standard homeowner and may have collections or kids away at school with items. You may have artwork or specific items in your home that require specific coverage. You may valuable jewelry that requires coverage. You also may have equipment that is not standard in a home like generators and power tools that may need additional coverage. Maybe you have pets that you need to protect yourself with the appropriate homeowners insurance. This interactive tool from Farmers Insurance to help you understand if your homeowners insurance has you and your home fully covered.  Take the tour room by room and section by section to learn more about your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

If you feel like you need to an overview of your homeowners insurance policy, it is time to schedule an appointment with your insurance agent and give them a detailed account of what you own and the situation you have at home. Once your insurance agent has these details, they can prepare an accurate policy for you that will protect all of your belongings and potential risk situations.