Extreme Makeover Home Addition Infographic

Home improvement and remodeling projects are some ways people refresh and update their home. In addition, a home addition can increase the overall home’s value. Sometimes, these home remodeling projects are major projects like a room home addition. Some room additions are physically adding a space like a sun room. While other room additions involve conversion like converting an attic into a bedroom. And other projects involve updates like a roof replacement or siding replacement. Sometimes, these projects involve adding generators or exterior doors to a home.

Managing Costs vs Value

Whatever these home remodel projects are, the following infographic show homeowners the average cost of a project. The costs vary depending on the home addition. As a result, managing costs of a project is only a portion of understanding the details of home remodeling projects. It is important to also understanding the amount of value a home addition can add to a home’s value. And understanding the percentage of costs that can be recouped from the home addition. By understanding these details, every homeowner can get a feel for what types of home remodel projects exist, the average costs of home improvement projects, and the impact these projects have on your home.


Home Addition