Neighborhood Driveway Dinners to Build Communities

neighborhood party driveway dinners

Neighborhoods are such an integral part to why we choose a home. A good neighborhood is a criteria when determining to buy a home and to stay in the home. Engaging our neighbors and making them part of our lives is what makes communities thrive. One great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors or to just continue your relationship with them is to try driveway dinners or a block parties.


Invite your neighbors to join in and bring a dish to the driveway dinners event. You can use word of mouth, a physical invitation or an online system like Evite to tell people about the event. If you would like neighbors to choose different items to bring to your driveway dinner, use online systems to allow neighbors to choose from different types of dishes. Post a sign in sheet somewhere in your neighborhood for easy assignment of dishes for your driveway dinner.

Set Up

Once you have the invites completed, now its time to set up tables and chairs for your driveway dinners. Also remember to get yourself some plastic utensils and paper plates. You don’t want anyone eating with their hands. Remember serving pieces and set out your trash cans. If you can borrow coolers from the neighbors, these coolers will store drinks. If you have a front yard, consider setting up games for the kids. But by all means make sure you watch the kids in the streets or put up signs to block the streets to oncoming traffic. Safety first where kids are concerned.

Enjoy your neighbors, build your community and by all means have fun!