Incorporating Ornamental Grasses into your Landscape

When landscaping many homeowners add shrubs, trees and definitely flowers, however homeowners often forget about using grasses in their landscape design.

Ornamental grasses can add drama and flair to any garden.  They flow in the wind, they are colorful and they are resilient.   Many feel that grasses are all green, but they are come in reds, pinks, yellows, golds, rusts, blues and so many shades of green.   

Add new focal points to your landscaping with ornamental grasses.  See the many varietals you can choose from here.  When adding grasses take a look at the zoning grades to make sure these grasses will work in your area.

Here are some examples:

  • Mexican Feather Grass
  • Golden Crinkle Hair Grass
  • Yaku Jima
  • Frost Grass with Cassian Fountain Grass
  • Moor Grass Tall Purple
  • Japanest Blood Grass
  • Purple and Pink Fountain Grasses
  • Warrior Switch Grass
rockland_4 R0015278 pinkgrass ornamental-grasses6 ornamental-grasses3 ornamental-grass Kempson%20Dr%20garden 11 - Warrior Switch Grass 10 - Pink Fountain Grass 09- Purple Fountain Grass 08- Japanese Blood Grass 07 - Purple  Moor Grass or Skyscraper 06 - Moor Grass Tall Purple 04 - Frost Grass with Cassian Fountain Grass OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA e IMG_2074