Wallpaper to Spice Up Your Design


Wallpaper is one these perceived old style of design. However, wallpaper is an amazing medium that can transform a room into something magical and stunning. Wall paper designs comes in so many varieties. You can choose a simple stripped design to set off a room. Or use borders to enhance a space. Or design entire cities on a wall using wall paper.  History

Wallpaper was an ancient art originating in China around 2000 BC. However, the paper making process spread from Asia to the Middle East and making its way to Europe around the 1100’s. When England started using wall paper and then it gained popularity when wall paper was being used in Paris in the early 1600’s. The process of making wall paper evolved as did the number of design styles.


Today, wall paper can be found in vinyl, coated back fabric, paper backed vinyl or fabric backed vinyl. It can be found in a multitude of colors and patterns. It has different designs for different looks. Using wall paper can create a virtual forest, a cityscape or even a garden of Eden. You can add metallic and linen to a wall to give a textured touch. Or even use pieces to create different spaces interchanged with paint in a room.

How To

Hanging wallpaper is not for the weary, there are steps involved that require the wall paper to adhere to the wall. Hanging wallpaper also takes a steady and patient hand. You can find some great tips here. Testing out wall paper requires securing a sample and then taping to a wall with painters tape. Once you put up wallpaper, it is not easy to take down. So leave the test sample up for a while prior to committing to your design.

But in the end, whatever you choose, wallpaper can be an exquisite change and welcome addition to a room.