Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining Room Chandeliers

A dining room can standout with a dining room chandelier. Dining room chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether a formal dining room or a casual space, a chandelier can also brighten a room. Lighting up a dining room will depend on the amount of light bulbs and light that is distributed from the chandelier. If you incorporate a dimmer switch, then dinging room chandeliers will set mood and ambiance.

Chandelier Care

Taking care of your chandelier is a must. Regular dusting of your chandelier will keep your chandelier sparkling. Additionally, regularly dusting the light bulbs of your chandelier will also make sure your room is illuminated with the proper brightness. With a chandelier that has a lot of glass or crystal, use gentle soap and water to clean the pieces. Then, rinse the pieces with water. A clean chandelier will insure that the light sparkles through the crystal pieces. Some of these glass and crystal pieces can be removed for cleaning. While others are fixed and need to be cleaning while hanging. If the pieces are fixed than, lay several large clothes on your dining table prior to cleaning the chandelier. This will protect your table from any potential damage.

Hanging a Chandelier

When hanging a chandelier, consider your table and your guests as they sit at your table. You want a chandelier to hang. But hanging too low could prevent your guests from speaking to each other or cause challenges when passing dishes to one another. The best method to avoid these situations is to make sure the bottom of your chandelier is 36 inches from table. Additionally, remember when guests need to sit down and get up. If there is a risk of hitting their heads, raise the chandelier.

Proper cleaning and hanging of the chandelier is important, in addition to the style of the chandelier. When selecting a chandelier, make sure you are considering cleaning and installation. For additional tips on dining room chandeliers, visit Simple Chandeliers.