Last Minute Gift Wrapping

It is that time of year when you might be done your shopping for holiday gifts. Or you still have a few more things to pick up. The simplest of holiday gifts can be made to look extraordinary with gift wrapping. This last minute gift wrapping can be found around your house.

Out of the Box Gift Decor

Have you ever thought to use buttons or string in your gift wrapping? What about pine cones, berries and evergreens? These are colorful and great additions to any last minute gift wrapping. Do have some dried flowers around the house that need a new home? Or old keys that you just can’t remember if they even unlock something in your home. What about tools? These can be dress up a DIYer’s gift. How about lights from Christmas trees or bulbs? These will brighten any gift. How about using cookies, cinnamon sticks or spice bags that add a festive scent to your gifts.

Paper Paper Oh My

And what about the paper itself? If you still have newspaper, this could work to wrap your gifts.  Burlap, brown paper or shoe bags are creatives solutions for last minute gift wrapping. If your careful, some aluminum foil can add the sparkle for the season. Or some old fabric from project you finished could make a personalized wrapping. Use cloth napkin or a tablecloth to add a  kitchen themed gift wrapping can be fun.

With a little creativity and reaching outside the box, you can present a beautifully decorated gift. A beautifully decorated gift becomes a gift on the outside. Here are some great solutions for unique and creative ways to wrap your presents. Visit our Facebook Page for more suggestions on gift wrapping.