Kids Tents … bringing them inside!

Kids TentsDoes your child look for a fort or tent inside their home or room? Here are some unbelievable kids tents that you can make with your kids.

Inspiration for some of these tents can be seen in the movie The Holiday. For some beautiful tents that you can make at home take a look at these.

How to Create Kids Tents

You can use lamp hooks from the ceiling or frames made of wood or other components to hold sheets, blankets, paint covers. You can even tie dye, paint, add trim or lace to your covers or sheets to add a personalized touch. Adding pillows and blankets to the tent will add a level of comfort. Add lighting with Christmas lights, flashlights, hanging lights. Add some fun by changing the light bulbs to colors. Hang paper stars or aluminum made figures from inside the tent. For more inspiring children’s tents, please visit our FaceBook Page.



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