Rotisserie Grilling

Rotisserie Grilling

Did you know that May is National Grilling Month?  Let’s talk rotisserie grilling.  Rotisserie Grilling involves slow roasting meat to achieve a juicy and moist flavor.  This technique is similar to using an oven to braise meat. Many rotisserie units are available on the market. Including using a charcoal fire or smoker and gas units. By all means make sure you have the necessary items to insure safety whenever you are grilling.

Some helpful tips on grilling safety:

1.Make sure you have the necessary equipment nearby like fire extinguishers in case of an unexpected fire.

2. Carefully read the instructions on how to use your rotisserie unit.

3. Make sure your unit is not near tree branches or other landscape that could create an even bigger problem.

4. If your rotisserie requires a power cord, make sure the cord is free from high traffic areas.

5. Ensure your your grill is on a level surface.  Grills can tip over easily with moving units like rotisserie tools.

6. Keep children and pets away from the grill.

When cooking rotisserie, it is also recommended that your use a drip pan for the juices from the meat.  A disposable aluminum pan works great.  Pour ½ to 1 inch of water in the drip pan to create steam.

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