How do you Entertain at Home

Entertain at Home

Oftentimes you might need to host a family get together or a child’s birthday party. How do you leverage your home’s design to entertain at home for events like these? Can you serve appetizers in your kitchen but leverage a bar or drink area in your family room?
Are you having a sit down event or one that allows everyone to mingle in your home?

Avoid Clutter

To avoid clutter and crowed areas think of your home as a maze. And leverage the maze to engage your company in different rooms or locations. Maybe you want cake eaten outside to create easy clean up. Be creative when using your home for entertainment. Using a basement or a family room as a kid’s play area. While food can be served buffet style in your dining room. Spread your chairs out all over you home to help the flow of conversation is most places.

Good Flow

Establishing a good flow in your home for these types of events also helps people understand the guidelines you set for your home. If you have specific areas that should be closed off, place a table in front of the area. Block block anyone from approaching areas of your home that are off limits. Or designate a sign that says no entry. Explain to your guests which doors to use to go to and from a backyard to inside party.

By using the full value of your home, you can create a fully functional space. To entertain at home, you need to set some guidelines. And still keep your guest comfortable without over crowding your guests.