Freshening up your outdoor flooring

outdoor flooring

It is the time of year to get outdoors. Sometimes a fresh look at your outdoor areas is exactly what you need to make the summer even more enjoyable.  Here are some helpful tips to freshen up your current outdoor flooring areas.


If you have concrete and you discover damage from car oil. To correct this, blot the area with paper towels, then add kitty litter over the blotted and oil stained area and wait. The kitty litter will absorb the oil. When the kitty litter appears to no longer be absorbing the oil, approximately 24 hours, remove the kitty litter. And then use 1 part trisodium phosphate with 6 parts water and scrub the remainder of the oil. Once you have completed scrubbing the area, then rinse with water. Concrete can also be maintained and cleaned regularly by mixing hot water and all purpose household cleaner or a concrete cleaner together. Use a stiff bristle broom or brush and scrub the concrete with the solution and rinse.


If you have brick around your home as patio or walkways, do your best to keep plants away from the areas and trim them regularly.  This will allow for a clear pathway for those to walk.  Additionally, you can use a masonry cleaner with a stiff brush or broom to regularly maintain the brick.

Wood Decking

Decking is popular in the United States and many natural wood decks require regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and sturdiness. North American woods need to be sealed every year in additional to regular cleaning. To clean your decks, mix 1 gallon hot water with powered oxygen bleach, scrub with soft bristle brush or broom. Rinse and repeat. Then stain or seal the wood according to direction on the sealant. Or hire a professional to help you stain and seal your deck. Some professionals will also clean your decks prior to adding stain and sealant.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular as the decking becomes easier to maintain. This type of decking is generally a wood and plastic mixes that gives the appearance of a natural wood product. It is not recommended nor necessary that you paint, stain or seal these materials. Composite decking is designed in a magnitude of colors and styles that once the deck is installed, you have your finished product. However, you will need to keep your decks clean with a hose, deck cleaner and a broom. Once you clean your decks like most flooring surfaces. You will then rinse and let your deck dry.

Stone or tile 

Certain stone and tiles are more sensitive than others. So it is important that you understand what type of stone you have in order to use the proper cleaning solutions. Depending on the stone types, there are specific products on the market to clean and remove stains. Products can also enhance the stone and seal the stone. Be sure to understand the specific stone product and find the best product for its maintenance. Some stones may need merely a cleaning solution and rinse. While others will need a specific softer solution so as not to damage the stone. Some stone products will also need regular sealing in order to protect from the outdoor elements.

It seems like a lot to remember to clean, seal and regularly maintain your outdoor areas. A great way to remind yourself of exactly what needs to get done annually is to enter your maintenance to dos inside HomeZada. Let HomeZada automatically remind you when you need to weatherproof and clean your outdoor areas. You can also input the exact products you have like the stone specifics and cleaning solutions. This will keep all your information in one central location.

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