Smarter Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage

The kitchen generally has a lot of tools to are used to make a variety of recipes. Kitchens often have more items than other parts of the house. So smarter kitchen storage is essential to maximize space in your cooking and serving areas. Leveraging space throughout your kitchen area is the first key to successful storage and organization.

Finding space for every kind of gadget and utensil is important. So being creative with your organization is key. Stacking or standing your cutting boards to create more room is a great way to manage space. Placing your knives in a central location is not only organized but safe. Drawer Organization

Organizing your drawers with utensils you will use most frequently and removing the tools you do not need. By removing unused items, space will open up in drawers for the necessary items. If you have open counter space, using utensil holders is a great use of space. Utensil holders will additionally add quick and easy access to frequently used tools.

Creative Pots and Pans Storage

Leveraging hooks for lids and frying pans on the inside of cabinet doors can be a useful way to maximize space. Try displaying your pots and pans over your island as another method of organization. Julia Child choose a method that allowed for easy access of pots and pans by hanging them from a wall.

Alternative Methods

By removing items from other areas like counters, it frees up space for other cooking appliances. Hanging wine glasses under your cabinets can also free up valuable shelf space. Stacking your dishes, bowls, storage containers and more is another way to make sure you are leveraging all the space you have available to you. By stacking items, you have more availability for more shelf space. Just make sure your shelves can hold the weight if you continue to stack a lot of items.

Multi Use Storage

Some other fun ways to organize and store your items is use them decoratively. Use platters around your house to hold candles or showcase your platters, baskets, pitchers and more above your cabinets. Using decorative spice containers on your counter or magnetically to your wall areas, also give a new appearance and one that is functional. For infrequently used kitchen tools, try storing them in a closet for use during those specific times. Creativity can play a role in how your organize and store all the kitchen gadgets and tools you may have in your home.

However you store your kitchen tools, a helpful hint is to make sure the most frequently used tools are accessible easily. And to make sure your frequently used tools are available in the area in which you need them. For instance, anything needed by the stove, keep it near the stove. Anything for your sink or preparation area, keep your items near these areas to make for a natural flow for everyone helping you in the kitchen.

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