What You Need to Know when Owning a Pool


Pool season is upon us and there are some facts that need to be understood, as well as, safety tips that anyone either owning or participating in the use of a pool should understand. It is estimated that 300 children younger than five years old drown in swimming pools and spas and more than 3,200 go to the hospital due to pool injuries annually, US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In pools and spas, hair, jewelry and bathing suits can get caught in drain covers or limbs can get lodged in suction openings. Thus, this causes problems as people and small children get stuck in these situations and some body parts can be held underwater by suction from the filtration systems causing death.

There are some simple activities you can do to prepare for the ultimate pool safety. Let’s learn what they are.

Stay close and be alert

  • Always watch children and pets and never leave them unattended
  • Have a phone close by
  • Do not play near drain covers

Learn basic water safety skills

  • Learn to swim
  • Know CPR on both children and adults
  • Understand the basics of lifesaving

Have appropriate equipment on hand

  • Fence around the perimeter of the pool
  • Use self closing and self latching gates
  • Have life saving equipment like life rings or reaching poles
  • Make sure you have appropriate drain covers

Pools can be lots of fun and refreshing when summer approaches. However, remembering the simplest of guidelines can make all the difference in the world. Make sure your pool is working properly and test the equipment and chemical levels to insure safety.  Leveraging HomeZada to help remind you to test and maintain your pool can help your get prepared for the summer season.

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