Natural Cleaners for Natural Cleaning Infographic

Cleaning in today’s world requires us to use multiple products for all the different surfaces we have in our homes. Our granite counter tops require one cleaning solution. While our wood surfaces have a different solution. Oh and glass has yet another solution to use to clean it.   Many of us are looking for natural cleaning solutions to use around our homes to keep us safe. We want to be safe from harsh toxins that can be found in specific cleaning solutions. There are off the shelf natural cleaners.

Create Your Own

But if you are interested in making your own cleaners, the following infographic shows you some tips. These few recipes on how to create your own natural cleaning solutions are simple and use items around your home. Using baking soda, white vinegar, borax and cornstarch, you can create natural cleaners in your kitchen. With a little concocting, you can have great safe cleaners. Good luck and let us know if these were able to provide you an alternative to some of the harsher solutions in the market.

green cleaning infographic