Sprucing Up your Outside Entryway

Outside Entryway


Outside entryways are a great way to quickly make a fantastic first impression with your guests. What does your entryway say about you? Do you have a glass door where you are welcoming people into your home easily? Or do you have a door that is a color to show your guests your fun side? Doors are a dramatic way to set the stage for an entryway and a starting point to sprucing up your outside entryway. A door can be big statement piece or simple designs that keep you protected.


Paint, wood, iron, glass are all materials that are used to create a specific door related to your personality. So your doors can easily show people who your are before they enter your home. In addition to doors, so many other items can showcase and bring life to an entryway.


Lights not only set a look and feel. And lighting also provide visibility when guests are walking to or leaving your home. Lights range from large to small to overhead to wall mounted or ground level lighting. Using lighting to create a mood is nice for evening or night entrances. Multiple lighting can also set a more dramatic entryway. Lights can also clearly light for safety. Using numbers or doorbell designs give you the ability to dress up your entryway at some low costs. So many designs exist that can add personality to your home by using simple identification markers like house numbers.


Another affordable way to add flavor to your entryway is by using welcome mats. Welcome mats can be customized, funny, dramatic or seasonal keeping your front entryway spruced up. Some simple and durable wall art like outdoor pictures, plaques, or outdoor wall art is a way to add some color to your front entryway. Adding a pot or pots with some plants, herbs or flowers also provide a sweet welcome for your guests. Using potted plants and flowers is also another way to welcome in the seasons or holidays.


Seating on an entryway or porch can be a beautiful addition to an entryway. And a practical tool if you want to take in a warm weather day or just chat with your neighbors. Seating for one allows you the privacy of reading a book. Add seating for two to invite a friend for some lemonade or a chat. Or if you have the room, add a full seating area and invite more friends for a lovely evening out.

Whatever your personality says, bring it to your front outside entryway which can help welcome your guests but also spruce up your home’s curb appeal.