What is Old is Now Current, Barns Reborn


Now here is a decorating and functional home style that is making lots of traction across the country. Reclaimed wood is being used in furniture, flooring, and so many other areas of our household life. But did you know the some homeowners are choosing to convert barns into full functioning homes.

Converting Barns

Converting barns is no easy feat.  It requires insect fumigation. It requires extreme care to maintain the structure. Many of these barns were built in the 1800’s or early 1900’s without modern living amenities. Many homeowners then decide to add plumbing, heating and air conditioning and electricity. Adding each of these major components to a structure like an old barn, takes specific skills. However, if you love the loft style look with a piece of history, a barn style house just might a home for you.

With the right contractor, not only can you maintain the integrity of the barn structure, but you can have a home with all the current amenities. With a barn, you can have history wiht modern amenities that you would get in any other type of home.

Visit HomeZada’s Pinterest site for great looks at some renovated barns that show what it is like to live in a piece of history.