Three Tips for Gift Wrap Organization

The season of gift giving is around the corner. With that comes the mass amounts of wrapping paper, bags, bows, ribbons and so much more. Do you keep your gift wrapping in a central location? Is it easy to get to when you need it? Is it organized by holidays, birthdays or some other process?  Do you have a process to gift wrap organization? Another concept, do you separate gift wrapping tools like rolls, bags, ribbons, bows and labels?


Getting your gift wrap organized can be as simple as leveraging containers to store your items. Another option is to build a system to get yourself organized. First, where do you want to store your wrapping in your home? Ask yourself do you have a specific room, shelf, closet that you can store these items. If you have your space, what typical types of wrapping tools do you use? What if you live by gift bags and tissue paper? These are easy to store by stacking in a shelf or bin. If you like the idea of wrapping paper and lots of bows, try standing your tubes in tall containers or aligning them on a wall for easy visibility and access.


Some people use the convenience of walls and closets to hold gift wrapping materials. Using a closet door will save you space in addition to showcasing your materials easily.



Using wall space allows you to easily see what wrapping materials you have. And this style might also help showcase a room or wall with the beautiful materials.


Some people love the idea of gift wrapping and make beautiful gifts more lovely with their incredible gift styles.  These people might even dedicate a portion or an entire room to their love of this hobby and ability to create a work of art.  Where ever you store you gift wrapping, storing it in a convenient place to understand what you have will also help you better manage what you need for those birthdays, holidays or unexpected events.

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Using HomeZada to track birthdays is a great way to understand what you need in terms of gifts.  Just create a recurring to do and list your birthdays in the details field and you will not forgot your birthdays.