Goal Planning for the Year



This time of year, New Year’s Resolutions are made. And oftentimes broken almost immediately. No matter what goals you set for yourself or your home, taking a full account of the details needed to achieve your goal. And understanding that setbacks can occur are important steps to achieving your goal. Goal planning is still a good practice to help get some areas of your life moving forward.

First, establish what you would like to accomplish this year with realistic aspirations. Do you want to gain a healthier lifestyle or redecorate a room in your home? Or discover a new career or add a new room to your home? Any of these goals and others require a few simple things in order to see them through.

Tips for Goal Planning

  • Then, identify your time commitment to the project or goal. This will help you identify exactly how long you will need to complete the project.
  • Identify any budget requirements if there are any. In some cases, your goal might be to reduce spending or learn how to make better investments. These activities also require budgeting.
  • Identify a plan of attack. Some planning might include research and knowledge and process understanding. Also finding the right resources for your project and finally execution.

Set Backs

Along the way, there will be set backs or delays in projects. This is normal as life can oftentimes throw us curve balls. But these curve balls or challenges keep us on our toes and help us understand how to slow down, regroup, and pick ourselves back up. Ultimately, to finish our goal or project.

How to Overcome Challenges

If you have challenges, finishing a goal or project try these simple tips.

  • Establish a realistic goal, maybe even conquering one at a time.
  • Set short term and long term goals.  Achieving a short term goal will help you understand that any goal is a process.
  • Pick yourself up if a challenge occurs.
  • Measure your progress and achievements.
  • Get help from others with either direct support or knowledge of how to complete something.
  • Use tools to help you achieve your goals or projects.
  • Stay Focused on the ultimate goal.