4 Home Improvement Projects to Do as a Family

4 Home Improvement Projects To Do As A Family

Do you want to spend quality time with your kids? Or do you simply want them to get involved in home improvement tasks? Here are four projects you can do as a family to freshen up your home while spending meaningful time together.

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5 Steps to a Beautiful Faux Stained Glass Masterpiece

5 Steps to a Beautiful Faux Stained Glass Masterpiece
Image courtesy: Create Art With Me

If you love the look of stained glass, but not the price tag that’s attached to it, did you know that it’s possible to make faux stained glass with commonly available ingredients such as acrylic paint and glue?

You can use this technique for windows in your home and glass panels as well. It’s perfect to cover sidelights in entry halls, bathroom windows, and to hide walls and fences. 

Stained glass lets in sunlight, but hides unsightly things. It’s a perfect solution with endless possibilities and uses. As an alternative to the paint, you can use food coloring, but the result will be much less intense. 

While it’s possible to create stained glass with water colors, stick to acrylic paint if you want a vibrant, thick result.

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Easy Projects to Bring New Life to Your Home



While complete renovations can provide a whole new look for your home, some may not have the money or time to put into those projects. If you’re looking for ways to bring new life into your home, you may not have to go to such lengths of completely redesigning a room. There are many easy projects you can do around the house that can add a sense of personality without the hard work or high budget of a renovation. Read More

Goal Planning for the Year



This time of year, New Year’s Resolutions are made. And oftentimes broken almost immediately. No matter what goals you set for yourself or your home, taking a full account of the details needed to achieve your goal.  Read More