The Color Red is Taking our Hearts Away

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not celebrate red in our homes. Like any other color accent added to a room or home, red brings this bold statement. And in some cases the fun and intense personality of the homeowner. This vibrant ruby color also represents strength, passion and love.  A perfect color for Valentine’s Day. Some even say that red can increase the energy and stimulate a faster heartbeat. If you cannot take the intensity, you may want to consider this color for short bursts of time.

If you choose to add this crimson color to your home decor, determine how you would want to use it. Because of its intensity, it does bring a lot of energy to a room. Leveraging this vibrant color as an accent piece and keeping it in rooms where discussion is intensified might be a great place for it. This intense and powerful color may be too intense for bedrooms. When you are trying to get yourself to sleep, your walls make keep you up at night. While golds and blues are better suited to bedrooms.

Hints of red might not be so bad due to the loving nature it adds to the people in your home. However, people already filled with intensity, may want to limit the use of this color in their home. Feng Shui lovers use red on doors as a sign of luck. But only if your front door faces the south or southwest.

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